There is much to accomplish at the Great Crystal, and players may find themselves wanting to leave some for later, or return to complete missed treasures. The map for this part of the game is only a sketchy drawing of the crystal itself, with the game developers offering difficulty in navigating the Crystal as part of its challenge


A considerable number of named locations are not shown in this map, yet the ingame map of the Great Crystal at Giruvegan is still infinitely less informative. The 'word balloon' icons are treasure chests

Among the many treasures in this large maze are:

  1. Between Waystones VII and VIII, a 20% chance per visit to spawn the Zodiac Escutcheon or Brave Suit. With the Diamond Armlet equipped, the treasure is always the Zodiac Escutcheon, which gives a 90% Evade chance for comparatively negligible handicaps. Once opened, the chest will not respawn
  2. On the path from Waystone VI that does not lead to the Cancer gate stone, with an 80% chance of being gil: a chest that otherwise may contain 2 gil or Knot of Rust or the penultimate one-handed sword Stoneblade. With the Diamond Armlet the treasure is commonly 5000 gil or Knot of Rust, or rarely, Glimmering Robes
  3. Between Waystone IV and the Aries Gate Stone, with an 85% chance of being gil: 2 gil or Knot of Rust or the top of the line armor 'Maximillian'. With the Diamond Armlet, 5000 gil or Knot of Rust, or more rarely Demon Shield
  4. In the spot that shows two treasures, one of them has a 20% chance to spawn, is always the Excalibur that does valuable Holy-typed damage, and never respawns once claimed

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